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The Lyfe Live Featuring Leslie Saint-Julien, Zemill and Dr. Cynthia Smith
The Lyfe Live featuring Gerald & Glynis Albright
The Lyfe Live Featuring David A. Jackson, Marcus Murphy and Kelli Vonshay Henderson
S1E6 featuring Felton Pilate, Nichosha Wynn & Natasha Simone
S1E3 featuring Tori Nelson, Kalonda Kay & Kanika Johnson
S1E5, featuring Pastor Thirkel Freeman, J'Nelle & Felica Williams
S1E2, featuring JCastro, Leandra Owens & LaKreasha Beale
S1E4 featuring Kevin R. Anderson, Esq., Harmony Devoe & Vincent Moore
S1E1 featuring Mariah., Michael Daniels & Dr. Vanessa R. Johnson

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